We want to expand our God given abilities, potential,desire and  our unique passion to fulfill HIS purpose and glorify His Name by providing spiritual and phsycal aid to the people whom we serve. "And as God's grace reachs more and more people,there will be grate thanksgiving and God will receive more and more Glory" 1 Chorinthans 4:15


  • To reach those who are struggling to get basic medical care due to lack of access to health care and poverty by using volunteers from Minnesota and around the world.
  • To share the Good news of the gosple of Jesus Christ.


To expand on the free blood pressure clinic and other services in Minnesota and travel to different rural areas of Ethiopia annually to provide medical care to low-income communities.

Future plans:

It is our hope that in the future, AgapeMED will provide more medical help to the less fortunate people of Ethiopia; provide medical help in a consistent manner by building clinics and hospitals in the rural areas of Ethiopia. In the next year or two we would like to establish well-equipped clinic locally around Minneapolis and St. Paul, that adds services areas like:

Foot Care, Counseling, Referral, Advocating, Home Visits, Wound Care, Planting more blood pressure clinics in public housing buildings.

The Facts About Ethiopia:

The Fact:

Ethiopia is a country with 85% of its population living in rural areas that do not have access to health care facilities and/or doctors. Because of that they only rely on traditional medicine. From 70% to 80% of the diseases affecting its population are easily preventable by simple interventions. Communicable diseases, malnutrition, and lack of access to clean water are responsible for 57 % of the total death rate. There are only about 2000 physicians for a population of 90 Million people.

The Solution:

Organizing medical teams and travel to remote areas in Ethiopia once a year to provide medical support, teaching, allocating resource, giving moral and spiritual support.


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