Why Another Medical Mission?


One might ask “why another medical mission?” I think the answer to that question is very simple and clear. If we look at Jesus’s word when he said, “You will always have the poor among you, …” in Matthew 26:11, we see that the needy are with us! Even today.

If we were to look at statistics, I believe today we have more medical missionaries traveling around the world than we did 5, 10 or 30 years ago. However the question is how many people are still left unreached. SO MANY!

I believe those missionaries have made tremendous changes in the lives of many, and if not many at list a life of one person; who might have not made it though life with out that one spinal surgery, or that one cataract surgery. May be that one antibiotic that was given for an infection somewhere in his/her body was what saved his/her life. Have you every thought about not being able to read, not because you are illiterate but because you can’t afford to buy one reading glass or it wasn’t available to you? But now that one medical missionary was there to give you that reading glass and you can read. So many are able to read, smile, walk, see or live because God used those individuals who say “yes” to his calling.

I like what Dr. Paul Farmer said, in his speech- “The well should take care of the sick”. We are well; Praise God for our health, but somebody else is NOT WELL. Those are people that are sick who could have been well if they JUST HAVE A LITTLE MORE HELP. I say a little because in countries like Ethiopia, the majority of the problem is not as much from chronic illnesses that come from diet and needs extensive research and money to resolve or lower the incidence, but from cleanliness that causes infectious diseases that could lead to death. And sadly, most of them are preventable with just simple interventions.

This was well noticed by the missionaries of EECMN church members that travel yearly to the poorest areas of Ethiopia. YES! We do need another medical mission! But we also need people who will go the miles, people who will give their money and people who pray for the vision of this ministry.  When you become one of those people, you are reaching homeless & HIV + children, you are giving a chance of medical/surgical treatments for those who probably will have no chance to see a doctor in their lifetime.

The need of another Medical Mission is not a question anymore; it is what we are called to do!

Written by Beth (Betty) Atoma, RN