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Give Hope Save Lives - From Neighborhood to Nations

Local Outreach

Blood pressure screening
AgapeMED volunteer nurses (RN) and nursing assistants (NAR) stood in a good will to make a deference by providing free blood pressure screening, reinforce healthy life style, provide basic health assessment, set up medications, and provide resources according to your needs. Come and Get your Blood Pressure Checked.

International Outreach

Short term medical mission trips to Ethiopia
As part of EECMN yearly gospel mission, AgapeMED (founded and sponsored by EECMN) will travel to the most remote areas of Ethiopia in a yearly bases for a duration of One to Two weeks.This medical mission trip will also include the urban hospitals that have low resources depending on their need.

Gospel Outreach

Reaching Souls by sharing the Good News
One of AgapeMED mission is reaching spiritual needs by sharing the love, hope and compassion of Jesus Christ for those who have never heard of Him or the joy of relationship of Him. We use each opportunity to pray with our patients and their families and to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.